A mother and son who were homeless commit suicide by hanging behind a Dothan store

On Wednesday, a tragic incident occurred in Dothan where an older woman and her son, who were experiencing homelessness, took their own lives by hanging themselves behind a local business.

According to the Houston County Coroner, Robert Byrd, the fatalities took place at the back of a retail store located on the bustling west side of Ross Clark Circle, one of the busiest roads in the city.

Two people were affected, one aged 80 and the other aged 55.

Byrd expressed his shock at the situation, stating that he had never witnessed anything of this magnitude before. The gravity of the situation left him feeling saddened and disheartened.

With a career spanning over three decades, he has been serving as a coroner since 1986. His journey in the funeral service industry started when he was just a teenager, making him a seasoned professional in his field.

According to Byrd, the mother and her son recently arrived in Dothan.

The individuals who passed away will not be disclosed by News4.

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