Alabama teenager gets a special preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure following viral fame for her prom dress

After her prom dress, inspired by Disney’s “Princess and the Frog,” went viral, a high school graduate received an invitation to preview the new ride, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

According to USA TODAY, Layla Hildreth, a recent graduate from Shades Valley High School in Alabama, had her heart set on designing a prom dress. However, she wanted to create something unique, unlike anything she had seen before or that was already popular. “I knew that I wanted to make a prom dress, but I didn’t wanna make anything that was already out there or that I see people doing a lot,” she explained.

Instead of opting for a conventional prom dress, she decided to craft a gown that resembled the ball gown from her favorite childhood movie.

According to Hildreth, Princess Tiana, the leading character of the film, was a strong and independent woman who never gave up on her aspirations and didn’t require anyone’s assistance.

Juggling her senior year and extracurricular activities, she dedicated five months to sewing her stunning dress. Her hard work paid off when her dress went viral, catching the attention of Disney’s Imagineers. As a result, she was invited to Walt Disney World, where she had the incredible opportunity to meet voice actors from her favorite movie, “Princess and the Frog.”

According to recent statistics, 45% of parents go into debt to finance their family’s Disney vacations. While this may seem like a daunting figure, the vast majority have no regrets about their decision.

‘Princess and the Frog’ dress creates an enchanting effect

Everyone at the prom was entranced by her stunning dress.

Hildreth shared that many individuals were left in awe.

According to her, people from her school, whom she was not acquainted with, approached her and requested to have their pictures taken with her.

Not only did she capture the attention of her schoolmates, but she also conducted numerous interviews with various media outlets and caught the eye of Disney’s Imagineers.

Charita Carter, an executive creative producer and Disney Imagineer for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, expressed how Hildreth’s story deeply resonated with the imagineers. As a result, Hildreth and her family were invited to the resort and were given the opportunity to attend the “Dig a Little Deeper” showcase, where Hildreth proudly displayed her dress.

Hildreth expressed her surprise at the overwhelming response to her story in an interview with Florida Today, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network. She mentioned that she didn’t anticipate the story to impact so many people. Hildreth acknowledged that although people of her age have had the opportunity to watch Tiana, they do not discuss it as much as they used to. Therefore, she is delighted that the story is making a comeback.

Sewing was integral part of creating viral prom dress

The graduate dedicated five months to completing the task while juggling school responsibilities.

Attending rehearsals and performing in three shows throughout the school year, she managed to sew her clothes in between. Despite having to attend rehearsals that lasted from 3 to 10 p.m. on some days, she made sure to find time for her sewing.

Hildreth stated that she had invested about two weeks of work into creating the dress if she were to consider the amount of time she had spent on it.

According to Hildreth, if you want to start sewing, the only way to do it is to simply begin.

“She admits that it took her a while to start pursuing her passion,” she explained. “Initially, she only made things to prove to herself that she could, but now she truly enjoys the process. She’s willing to work late into the night if it means creating something she’s proud of.”

Hildreth has been keeping busy with a variety of projects lately. Apart from hemming her parents’ pants, she’s also channeling her creative energy into making more varsity jackets. These jackets are meant for her upcoming stint at Georgia State University, where she’ll be attending in the fall.

For the time being, she is not selling the creations that she makes, but rather utilizing her skills to create thoughtful gifts for others and perfecting her craft.

Hildreth expressed her desire to improve her skills with her embroidery machine, as she aims to utilize it for selling her creations.

Teen’s trip was a magical experience

During her trip, Hildreth had the opportunity to indulge in Princess Tiana’s Beignets, a personal favorite of hers. She also had the chance to explore Pandora’s Island in Animal Kingdom and wander through Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios.

During Hildreth’s visit to the magical place on Earth, she had the opportunity to meet Anika Noni Rose, who voiced Princess Tiana, and Michael-Leon Wooley, who voiced the trumpet-playing alligator, Louis, at the showcase.

She particularly enjoyed sampling the various culinary delights that took inspiration from the movie’s setting in New Orleans.

Hildreth expressed her love for food, stating that she is a foodie at heart and enjoys exploring new cuisines to discover her likes and dislikes.

Sneak preview of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Hildreth was not only invited to the most enchanting place on Earth, but also given the opportunity to have a sneak peek of Magic Kingdom’s latest attraction – Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Hildreth was awestruck by the ride and exclaimed, “I have never experienced anything like it before! Initially, I anticipated a leisurely ride, but to my surprise, the ride had various thrilling moments including sudden drops and exhilarating speed. Moreover, the visual effects were truly remarkable.”

As summer approaches, excitement builds for the upcoming opening of the water ride on June 28th. Recently graduated from high school, the individual offers a word of advice for those anticipating the ride.

Hildreth cautioned that sitting at the very front of the ride vehicle could result in getting soaked. “You will get wet,” she warned.

Taking extra precautions is necessary for individuals who wish to use their phone as advised by the expert.

According to Hildreth, it is essential to protect your phone from getting wet if you intend to take videos. He suggests getting a suitable accessory to ensure your phone’s safety.

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