Woman accused of friend’s fentanyl pill-related murder in custody after carjacking, pursuit, crash.

Arlington, Virginia: A woman is in custody on suspicion of murdering her acquaintance over fentanyl pills.

Karen Nicole Pollard was the subject of a police vehicle chase on Tuesday, subsequent to the issuance of a “Be On The Lookout” directive in Virginia. Just before noon, Arlington County Police issued the alert regarding a stolen blue Audi sedan from the 2200 block of 2nd Street North.

The victim dialed 911. Pollard demanded her vehicle keys as he approached her from behind and grabbed her by the shoulders. As the victim made an effort to flee, a struggle ensued. Pollard informed the woman that she was armed. Subsequently, the victim ceased all resistance and transferred the keys to Pollard.

Pollard exited the site in his vehicle. A Virginia State Trooper attempted to instigate a traffic stop after recognizing the vehicle from the lookout while she was operating on I-495.

Massive fentanyl and firearm bust in Prince George's County, Maryland

After the trooper turned on his sirens and lights, Pollard accelerated away. Officers from the county of Prince George’s joined the pursuit as she entered the jurisdiction. Pollard lost control while attempting to exit Exit 7 and collided with multiple other vehicles. Pollard was apprehended and subsequently conveyed to the closest medical facility for treatment of minor injuries.

It is uncertain whether or not additional individuals were injured. Pollard’s whereabouts have been unknown since December 2023. Pollard is suspected by the Woodbridge police of involvement in the shooting that claimed the life of Patricia Kathlean Beglin, 51, her companion, on December 28, 2023.

According to law enforcement, Pollard and Beglin allegedly argued over fentanyl tablets. Pollard fired upon Beglin as the dispute intensified. Further to the homicide charges, Pollard is expected to confront state charges in relation to the pursuit that occurred on Tuesday.

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