White House delivers strong message to Mike Johnson: Biden impeachment inquiry is ‘finished’

The White House is urging for the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and his family to be brought to a close. They argue that Republican investigators have been unable to uncover any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the president.

White House Counsel Ed Siskel wrote a strongly worded letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson, expressing his belief that the House Republican impeachment is essentially over. Siskel referred to reports from ABC News, Punchbowl News, and Fox News, where Republican members admitted that the inquiry is crumbling. They acknowledged that no evidence of an impeachable offense has been found, and there is a lack of a specific crime to justify impeaching President Biden.

The Independent has obtained a letter that also mentions the upcoming departure of Colorado Republican Ken Buck. Buck states that his decision to resign from the House, effective next week, is partly due to his colleagues’ focus on turning impeachment into a social media issue rather than addressing it as a constitutional concept.

According to the report, Mr. Buck’s viewpoint aligns with the conclusions reached by numerous legal scholars across the political spectrum. These experts have stated that there is currently no constitutionally valid reason to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president. One such respected figure is former US District Judge Fern Smith, who has criticized the ongoing impeachment probe as a misuse of power and deemed it manifestly unjustified.

In a letter, Mr. Siskel expresses his belief that the House Majority should focus on collaborating with the President to address crucial issues such as the economy and national security, rather than engaging in political stunts. He emphasizes the need to prioritize the concerns and interests of the American people.

In a strongly worded letter to the House speaker, Mr. Siskel vehemently denounces the ongoing investigation, which the White House officials have criticized as a directionless and pointless probe. They argue that the investigation has already revealed evidence contradicting the Republicans’ claims that Mr. Biden had committed any wrongdoing.

President Joe Biden has faced a struggling Republican impeachment inquiry.

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The White House counsel highlighted that the investigation is being overseen by Republican committee chairs James Comer and Jim Jordan. They have openly acknowledged that the true intention of the probe is to tarnish Mr. Biden’s political image and manipulate this year’s presidential race in favor of former president Donald Trump’s campaign.

House Republicans have been conducting an investigation into President Biden for more than a year, with the intention of uncovering any potential wrongdoing that could harm him politically. However, despite their efforts, the investigation has consistently yielded evidence that the President did not engage in any inappropriate actions. As one Republican stated, “Instead, the investigation has continually turned up evidence that, in fact, the President did nothing wrong.”

Less than a month ago, federal agents arrested former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov on charges of fabricating allegations of bribery against Mr. Biden and his son, attorney and former lobbyist Hunter Biden. Mr. Siskel’s letter follows this recent development.

During a recent interview with committee members and staff, Hunter Biden clarified that his father had no involvement in any of his business ventures, debunking claims made by Republicans. These claims, which have been circulating for years, have accused both Hunter and the president of engaging in influence-peddling schemes. However, no evidence has been presented to support these allegations.

According to committee investigators, James Biden, the president’s brother, affirmed that the president had no involvement in his business activities. Furthermore, the president’s former financial manager testified that he had no knowledge of any financial transactions or compensation received by Vice President Biden in connection with the business conducted by his family members or their associates. The former financial manager also stated that there was no evidence of the president’s involvement in their businesses.

Several individuals who have worked with Hunter Biden have confirmed that he was not involved in any business ventures undertaken by his son. These statements were made to the Republican-led committees investigating the matter.

According to Mr. Siskel, the committee has received testimony from over 20 witnesses who have essentially confirmed that the president had no involvement in Hunter Biden’s work. He described the evidence provided by these witnesses as a “mountain of testimony” and emphasized that it, along with a substantial amount of records produced during the investigation, has clearly shown that the President did nothing wrong.

Moreover, he highlighted that the individuals whom Republican members had previously presented as key witnesses with incriminating evidence against the President have been revealed as criminals. For instance, Mr. Smirnov has been charged with providing false information to the FBI regarding the bribery allegations. Additionally, another former informant for the committee, Gal Luft, is currently on the run, facing charges related to selling arms to Iran and acting as an unregistered agent for the Chinese government. Interestingly, Republicans are intending to summon two convicted criminals as witnesses during an upcoming public hearing.

The letter stated that instead of acknowledging the truth that the President had done nothing wrong, the Majority was wasting more time by attempting to re-interview witnesses who had already testified. They may be hoping that the facts will change the second time around. The letter referred to the GOP’s tactic as the latest abusive move in a probe that had targeted the President’s family members for no valid reason. It also criticized the intrusion into private citizens’ personal records, including medical visits and birthday presents.

“It’s time to move on, Mr. Speaker. This impeachment has run its course,” he declared. “We have more pressing matters at hand and can no longer afford to waste time on this farce.”

The White House is urging for the probe to be concluded, as the House’s investigation seems to be losing momentum. Despite this, Mr. Comer, the chair of the Oversight Committee, is moving forward with plans for a public hearing that will include several associates of Hunter Biden.

In response to Mr. Siskel’s letter, Raj Shah, a deputy chief of staff to Mr. Johnson, released a statement stating that it is not surprising for the White House to prefer the closure of the ongoing House inquiry. The letter reiterated claims about Mr. Biden’s family allegedly receiving $20 million from “foreign sources.”

“The resolution of impeachment is not within the jurisdiction of the White House; it is a decision for Congress,” he emphasized.

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