Warnings for Winter Storms Issued in Six States

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued weather alerts in six states due to an ongoing winter storm in the western region on Friday morning.

Colorado was hit by a powerful storm, which resulted in heavy snowfall and treacherous travel conditions on Wednesday. In certain areas, over 3 feet of snow accumulated by Thursday afternoon, leading to the temporary closure of Interstate 70. Numerous videos and photos capturing the aftermath of the storm circulated on social media platforms. Although the snowfall is expected to taper off on Friday morning, meteorologists caution that the prolonged duration of the storm may still have significant impacts.

Weather alerts have been issued in several states due to the storm. These include a winter storm warning in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Additionally, high wind warnings have been issued in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

By Friday morning, the storm had started to subside in certain areas of the region, including Wyoming and central Colorado.

According to the warning issued by the NWS office in Denver, the light snowfall along the Front Range will gradually diminish this morning. As a result, the Winter Storm Warning will no longer be in effect.

The storm continued to rage on in other areas, and meteorologists anticipate that it will persist until this evening.

The National Weather Service office in Pueblo, Colorado, issued a warning about the current road conditions, emphasizing that they could be slippery and hazardous. They also mentioned the possibility of reduced visibility due to areas of blowing snow. Commuters should be prepared for these challenging conditions, particularly during the evening commute.

California, New Mexico, and Utah were bracing themselves for heavy snowfall, accompanied by persistent high winds.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Salt Lake City has issued a warning stating that the combination of powerful winds and snowfall could lead to whiteout conditions near and through Tijeras Pass. These conditions can pose significant risks for drivers, particularly during the Friday morning commute. It is crucial to exercise extreme caution and be prepared for dangerous driving conditions in this area.

Sacramento, California was bracing for widespread power outages as the strong winds were predicted to reach gusts of up to 75 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service office in Sacramento has issued a warning that strong winds could cause trees and power lines to be knocked down. There is also a possibility of widespread power outages. Travel, especially for high profile vehicles, may be challenging due to these conditions.

Denver experienced its largest snowstorm of the season when a powerful storm swept through the city. This recent snowfall surpassed the previous record set in early February, when 5.5 inches of snowfall was recorded.

According to NWS meteorologist Bruno Rodriguez, the amount of snowfall in Denver varied throughout the city. While Denver International Airport recorded approximately 5.7 inches of snow, the western suburbs of Golden, Littleton, and Lakewood experienced much higher snowfall totals, reaching up to 2 feet.

Severe thunderstorms accompanied the storm system responsible for the heavy snowfall in the Midwest on Thursday night. The states of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky were particularly affected. In Logan County, Ohio, near Indian Lake, a trailer park was hit by a suspected tornado. This incident, located approximately 70 miles northwest of Columbus, resulted in several injuries and extensive damage throughout the area.

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