Video: Ex-NFL Quarterback Cam Newton Attacked by Multiple People at Football Camp

Mocobizscene – Cam Newton got into a fight over the weekend when several guys attacked him at an Atlanta 7-on-7 football tournament.

Cam Newton, 34, visited Atlanta to participate in the We Ball Sports x DynastyU tournament held at B.E.S.T. Academy. The talented former NFL quarterback established the youth team C1N back in 2011, and it was an absolute triumph as they emerged as champions in the 15-and-under category.

But at some point during the day, Newton got into a fight with someone. It is possible to see Newton at the top of a flight of stairs, holding someone by the collar. Suddenly, someone else steps in and punches Newton.

The fight then moved to a nearby fence, where Newton kept fighting back against a barrage of punches. Newton doesn’t seem to be punching anyone; he just grabbed the men to try to hold them back.

A lot of people, including event staff and security, quickly swarmed the scene and stopped the fight. When the attackers were split up, Newton could be seen yelling at them.

ESPN said that it’s not clear what the fight was about. Newton hasn’t said anything about what’s going on.

You can watch the video above by visiting the Twitter link provided.

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