Utah desert homicide: Two teenagers arrested after man found dead

With the assistance of the public, the police successfully located the Jeep after the discovery of Franco’s body transformed their investigation from a potential abduction to a homicide. The car was found in Salt Lake County, where Franco’s girlfriend, Alyssa Henry, revealed to KUTV that individuals connected to acquaintances had picked him up on Sunday afternoon, apparently with the intention of taking the couple to a park. In their quest to locate the vehicle, authorities widely circulated surveillance footage depicting a white 2000s Jeep Liberty parked outside Henry’s residence in Taylorsville, while also urging the community to provide any relevant information regarding its whereabouts.

“He didn’t do anything,” Henry recounted to KUTV, recounting the moment. “They all glanced at me before driving off, and I instinctively ran after the car. I managed to reach the end of the street before someone discovered me and alerted the police.”

Henry expressed his frustration, stating that the tracking device ceased to function as it reached the end of the street.

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