Two individuals charged with murder in connection to bodies discovered in various Long Island parks

According to The Associated Press, Assistant Suffolk County prosecutor Frank Schroeder informed the court on Monday that Brown and Conneely were killed as a result of a disagreement over an armed robbery in which they, Mackey, and Nieves were involved.

Nieves faces a charge of murder, while Mackey is facing two counts of murder. Additionally, Mackey is charged with robbery in relation to the case.

Steven Brown, 44, and Amanda Wallace, 40, who are also from Amityville, have been charged in connection with the deaths of Brown and Conneely. They have been indicted on several charges, including robbery, hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence, and concealment of a human corpse.

Steven Brown, identified by the AP as Malcolm Brown’s cousin, is also facing charges of conspiracy in the case.

Investigators have stated that Malcolm Brown and Conneely were involved in planning a gas station robbery on February 20th, which was carried out by Mackey and Nieves.

According to CBS New York, Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney stated on Monday that the murders were potentially driven, at least in part, by the illegal conduct taking place between the victims and the defendants.

According to authorities, on February 27th, the four individuals gathered at the rental home in Amityville, where they all resided with Steven Brown and Wallace. Prior to the arrival of the victims, Mackey and Nieves had already planned to take their lives, as alleged by prosecutors.

“They practically lived together and participated in various activities together,” Tierney said, according to NBC New York.

Reports indicate that all of the limbs belonged to Malcolm Brown.

The prosecutor highlighted the gravity of the situation, stating that six people entered the house but only four emerged. The responsibility now lies with law enforcement to uncover the truth behind the events that unfolded within those walls.

Tierney expressed his gratitude to the prosecutors and Suffolk County police detectives for their diligent efforts in advancing the case to this point.

Tierney expressed in a statement that law enforcement officers should carry out their duties impartially and without any apprehension. He emphasized the importance of adhering to ethical standards, stating that charges should only be filed when there is clear evidence and facts. Tierney expressed his gratitude to the team for focusing on their responsibilities and not getting distracted by other factors.

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