Muscatine demolishes first 3D-printed home due structural flaws

Muscatine demolished the 3D-printed dwelling that it commenced construction on in May of last year. The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine reports that the concrete formulation, which exhibited satisfactory performance in laboratory testing, failed to meet the same standards when observed in the field.

“5000 pounds per square inch (psi) was the standard for each of those tests.” “To be honest, we didn’t reach that point in the majority of the tests,” said Brian Monahan, manager of the housing initiative.

Despite the initial failure, work has commenced on a second 3D-printed dwelling constructed with a distinct concrete mixture. This formula has thus far passed the 5,000 pressure threshold.

The completion price of each of the ten houses will be approximately $300,000, which is comparable to the cost of comparable non-3D-printed residences in the area. The objective is to reduce costs once the 3D construction process becomes more streamlined.

“The project itself was put together not because we wanted to build 3D homes, but because 3D homes was the solution to a housing problem we have in our community,” said Monahan.

In the spring, construction will recommence on the second residence, and it is intended that the demolished home will be reconstructed once the second residence is finished. According to the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, the expenses associated with the rebuild will be borne by subcontractor Alquist 3D and will not be factored into the home’s subsequent listing price.

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