Twin Parents Arrested In Tustin For Leaving Their Babies In An Unattended Car

Mocobizscene- Tuesday night, Dec. 26, the parents of two twin babies who were left alone in a locked car in a Tustin shopping center parking lot were taken into custody by the Tustin Police Department.

Following reports of the two infants in a car in the Tustin Target parking lot at 2300 Park Avenue, the Tustin Police Department dispatched officers to the area shortly after 8 p.m.

When the police came, they discovered the boy and girl twins, who were around one month old, strapped into child restraint seats. In the car, they were by themselves.

After the police were unable to locate the twin kids’ parents at first, they called an Orange County Fire Authority crew, who were then able to access the vehicle. As a precaution, the infants were then brought to Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange, according to the Tustin Police. It seems the twins were unharmed.

When the parents did get back in their car, Tustin police officers took them into custody on charges of child neglect.

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