Trump plans campaign stops in Wisconsin and Michigan next week while on break from hush money trial

Former President Trump is set to hold campaign events in Wisconsin and Michigan next week. This marks the first instance where he will take time off from his ongoing hush money trial in New York City to visit a battleground state.

Next Wednesday, Trump will be making his way to Waukesha. His campaign has announced that he will be delivering a speech to highlight the stark differences between the peace, prosperity, and security experienced during his first term and the failed presidency of Joe Biden.

The Biden administration has been grappling with persistent issues such as rising prices and a surge of migrants at the southern border. These challenges have not only affected border states, but have also had ripple effects across the entire country. Trump is expected to emphasize these issues in his address.

“The state of Wisconsin is currently experiencing the negative consequences of President Biden’s policies, and once again, President Trump promises to bring back a sense of security and affordability to the people of Wisconsin!” declared Trump’s campaign in a statement that announced the upcoming event.

After the Wisconsin event, Trump plans to travel to Freeland, Michigan, where he will address the crowd at a rally in the evening, according to his campaign.

During appearances outside the courtroom in Manhattan, Trump has been vocal about his frustration regarding being kept off the campaign trail. He is currently seeking a second term in the White House, hoping for a rematch with President Biden in November.

Trump has a court schedule that requires him to be present four days a week. He is facing charges for falsifying business records in connection with an alleged hush money scheme to conceal an affair during the 2016 campaign. Normally, Wednesdays are designated as off days for the trial. However, next week Trump will take advantage of this break to focus on his campaign efforts.

The rally of the former president, which was supposed to take place last Saturday in North Carolina, had to be canceled due to severe weather conditions.

In recent weeks, Biden has been actively traveling to various states including Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York. During these visits, he has been promoting his agenda and criticizing Trump’s stance on abortion and the economy.

As of 7:11 p.m., the information has been updated.

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