Trump makes baseless accusation that Biden supported terrorism

In an unsubstantiated claim, Donald Trump has accused Joe Biden of aiding terrorism by providing material support. The former President made this baseless accusation without any evidence to back it up.

Earlier this week, law enforcement authorities apprehended eight Tajik nationals in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Upon entering the United States via the southern border, the men underwent thorough screening by officials. However, subsequent investigations revealed possible connections between the individuals and the terrorist organization, ISIS.

According to a joint statement from ICE and the FBI, the people who were apprehended are currently being held in ICE custody while they await removal proceedings. The statement also notes that both agencies have been warning about a heightened threat environment in recent public and partner bulletins.

The incident has been seized upon by Republicans as evidence that Biden’s border policies may be potentially deadly.

On his 78th birthday, while speaking in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump accused the president of supporting terrorism.

So, in addition to all of his other well-documented offenses, crooked Joe Biden is now also guilty of providing material support for terrorism. Under Biden, there’s been a 3,000% increase in the number of people on the terror watchlist crossing into our country from the southern border – 3,000%. And that comes from the Border Patrol. Our country is going to pay a steep price for many, many years. This is a terrible thing that’s happened.

The U.S. law defines “material support or resources” as any tangible or intangible property or service. The Antiterrorism Act of 1996 prohibits individuals from knowingly providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization that has been designated by the Secretary of State.

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