Halle Berry Advocates for Menopause Bill at U.S. Capitol

Halle Berry is not shy about discussing her experience with menopause. In fact, she is using her platform to raise awareness by speaking publicly about it, even choosing the steps of the U.S. Capitol as her stage. Berry is passionate about shedding light on the topic and advocating for more education and understanding surrounding menopause.

In an impactful moment, the actress took the stage on Thursday in Washington D.C., accompanied by a group of U.S. senators. Together, they revealed a groundbreaking bill that aims to allocate significantly increased funding and resources towards addressing the challenges of menopause, a natural phase experienced by all women.

Halle takes center stage, bravely sharing her personal journey with menopause. With unwavering courage, she proudly declares her own experience, making her voice heard by all.

Listen closely to her story, as it’s absolutely hilarious. HB recounts a recent encounter with her doctor, where she noticed his reluctance to discuss menopause. However, she didn’t let that deter her. Instead, she boldly addressed the topic, compelling him to face it head-on.

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