Trump Administration Was ‘awash With Speed’ And Prescription Drugs: Report

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the White House Medical Unit was described as operating with a lack of oversight, resembling the Wild West. A report revealed that controlled substances were distributed to administration staff without proper controls in place.

The report from the Defense Department’s (DoD) inspector general reveals that drugs like Ambien and Provigil, commonly prescribed for excessive sleepiness, were distributed without proper patient verification.

According to reports from Rolling Stone, staff members have revealed that the White House was filled with an abundance of prescription medication, commonly referred to as “speed.” This medication was allegedly used by individuals to cope with the immense stress associated with serving in the Trump administration.

According to the report, individuals involved in various tasks, such as writing Mr. Trump’s speeches, handling late-night foreign policy matters, dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and managing media requests, were provided with stimulants.

The DoD released a report on 8 January, which included details about the operations of the medical unit. According to the report, it was found that several pharmaceutical management practices of the White House Medical Unit did not adhere to federal and DoD guidance.

According to the report, the medical unit failed to recognize itself as a pharmacy and instead relied on internal controls of the White House Medical Unit to ensure compliance with safety standards.

According to the report, it was determined that the internal controls of the White House Medical Unit were ineffective.

One of the concerns raised was that the Medical Unit distributed controlled medications, like Ambien and Provigil, without confirming the patient’s identity. Additionally, the unit left over-the-counter medications in open bins for patients to access and use.

According to an anonymous source who has direct knowledge of the situation, the atmosphere was reminiscent of the Wild West. It was a rather unregulated environment where we made it a priority to fulfill whatever someone needed. This information was shared with Rolling Stone.

The White House Medical Unit opted for brand-name drugs instead of generic equivalents, resulting in a substantial increase in costs. The report reveals that over a span of three years, an estimated $46,500 was spent on brand name Ambien, which is a staggering 174 times more expensive than its generic counterpart.

During that time, the White House Medical Unit also allocated approximately $98,000 for the purchase of the brand name drug Provigil, which is significantly more expensive than its generic counterpart.

According to other sources, Xanax, which is another type of anti-anxiety medication, was widely used by staffers, although the report does not explicitly mention it (Rolling Stone).

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