Traffic begins to flow on Marion Barry Avenue in Washington, DC

Tributes for the late Mayor and Councilman, Marion Barry, continue to pour in around the District of Columbia.

On Saturday, the people of Anacostia renamed Good Hope Road to Marion Barry Avenue, in honor of the late politician who tirelessly fought for Ward 8 and the rest of the District throughout his long and often controversial career.

Debra Pasthal, who was present at the ceremony, shared that Marion Barry was known for his unwavering support for the underprivileged. She stated, “He always stood up for the poor people, which is why they held such great admiration for him.”

Marion Barry became the Mayor in 1979 and won two more consecutive terms.

On January 18, 1990, his image was forever stained when he was apprehended smoking crack during an FBI and D.C. Police sting operation at the Vista International Hotel.

After serving a six-month sentence in prison, Barry made his way back to the D.C. Council. Astonishingly, he even managed to secure a fourth term as mayor. Despite his legal issues, Barry’s supporters remained steadfast in their loyalty to him. Anthony Harris reminisces about one of his cherished childhood memories when his father would join him at a car table in their backyard to enjoy a scrumptious meal of steak and crabs.

Marion Barry’s legacy is hoped to pay off in other ways by the neighbors.

Pasthall expressed her optimism about the potential of Mary Berry Avenue as a great location for small businesses. “Having a business on Mary Berry Avenue is very encouraging for this population,” she said. mEarlier this year, the D.C. Council gave the green light to change the name of the road. The change honors a building and a statue of Barry, who passed away on November 23, 2014.

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