Multi-car pileup at FM-517 in Dickinson caused traffic delays on I-45 SB for 2 hours

On Wednesday, the I-45 Gulf Freeway in Galveston County came to a standstill due to a multi-vehicle pileup, resulting in the closure of all southbound lanes. As a result, traffic was moving at a slow pace in the area. At 6:21 a.m., Houston Transtar reported a crash in the southbound lanes near FM-517. The freeway was closed but thankfully, it reopened at 8:20 a.m.

It is uncertain whether the ongoing construction in the area played a role in the accident, but it should be noted that the section of I-45 where the incident occurred is currently under construction. According to Transtar, nine vehicles were reportedly involved in the incident. However, SkyEye initially observed 15 vehicles stopped at the scene, with at least 11 of them exhibiting noticeable damage.

The traffic mess was so severe that backups extended for miles. Among the stranded drivers were emergency crews and tow trucks. There is a lack of clarity regarding the events that led to the pileup and whether there were any reported injuries.

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