Top 5 Cities in Carolina to Consider for Retirement

The Carolinas, which include both North and South Carolina, are famous for their diverse landscapes, fascinating history, and welcoming atmosphere, making them perfect choices for retirees in search of a harmonious combination of relaxation, excitement, and a sense of community. With tranquil mountains and breathtaking coastlines, the Carolinas provide a range of settings to cater to every retiree’s preferred lifestyle.

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In order to determine the top cities in the Carolinas, GoBankingRates analyzed data on relocation trends to identify the cities that are most beloved by their residents. Additionally, we examined the cost of living using the Cost of Living Index and studied the latest real estate data from Zillow.

If you’re someone who appreciates the energy and excitement of city life or the peacefulness of living by the coast, you’ll find these five cities to be exceptional options for enjoying your retirement. Now, let’s delve into the distinct offerings of each Carolina city.

Asheville, NC

    • Average Home Value: $462,510
    • Average Rent Cost a Month: $1,717
    • Average Monthly Cost (Single-Person): $2,662
    • Livability Score: 72
    • Natural Beauty: Asheville is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States, offering endless outdoor activities.
    • Arts and Culture: This city is a haven for artists and musicians, with a vibrant downtown filled with galleries, theaters, and live music venues.
    • Climate: Enjoy four distinct seasons with mild winters, making it perfect for year-round outdoor adventures.

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Charleston, SC

    • Average Home Value: $541,040
    • Average Rent Cost a Month: 1,990
    • Average Monthly Cost (Single-Person): $2,286
    • Livability Score: 76
    • Rich History: Charleston’s well-preserved architecture and historic sites offer a glimpse into America’s past.
    • Culinary Scene: Known for its exceptional cuisine, Charleston is a foodie’s paradise, boasting an array of dining options from traditional Southern cooking to contemporary dishes.
    • Beaches: Proximity to beautiful beaches provides a serene escape and numerous water-related activities.

Greenville, SC

    • Average Home Value: $299,060
    • Average Rent Cost a Month: $1,206
    • Average Monthly Cost (Single-Person): $2,184
    • Livability Score: 80
    • Downtown: Greenville’s award-winning, walkable downtown features a unique floating suspension bridge, shops, and restaurants.
    • Community: A strong sense of community with friendly neighborhoods and regular downtown events, festivals, and farmers’ markets.
    • Cost of Living: Greenville offers an affordable cost of living without sacrificing quality of life, making it an attractive option for retiree

Wilmington, NC

    • Average Home Value: $395,758
    • Average Rent Cost a Month: $1,622
    • Average Monthly Cost (Single-Person): $2,441
    • Livability Score: 70
    • Waterfront: The historic Riverwalk offers stunning views of the Cape Fear River, lined with shops and cafes.
    • Beaches: Access to several beaches within a short drive, including Wrightsville Beach, known for its clear blue waters.
    • Arts and Entertainment: A vibrant arts scene with live theater, film festivals, and the renowned Wilmington Symphony Orchestra.

Cary, NC

    • Average Home Value: $599,278
    • Average Rent Cost a Month: $1,630
    • Average Monthly Cost (Single-Person): $2,313
    • Livability Score: 90
    • Safety and Healthcare: Cary is known for its safety and access to top-rated healthcare facilities.
    • Parks and Recreation: Over 30 public parks and a greenway system that spans over 70 miles, ideal for biking, hiking, and leisurely walks.
    • Cultural Diversity: A diverse and welcoming community with a variety of cultural festivals, international cuisine, and educational opportunities.

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