GoFundMe Suspends $400k Raised for Formerly Homeless Man with Violent History

Mocobizscene- A heartwarming story of kindness and empathy has taken a controversial twist as a GoFundMe campaign, intended to assist a homeless man in Washington, D.C., has been suspended due to the disclosure of his violent past. This decision by the crowdfunding platform has sparked a heated discussion about the moral implications of raising funds for individuals with criminal backgrounds. The campaign, initiated by a college student, had successfully raised over $400,000 before being put on hold.

In a viral TikTok video, college student Sanai Graden recounted her encounter with Alonzo Douglas Hebron, a homeless man. The video showcased their interaction outside a grocery store in Washington, D.C. where Hebron approached Graden and asked for help in buying a cup of tea. Moved by Hebron’s situation and his battle with prostate cancer, Graden went the extra mile by covering the cost of his medication, arranging a hotel room for him, and documenting her compassionate acts on social media.

After her encounter, Graden was inspired to take action and started a GoFundMe campaign to raise donations for Hebron. The campaign gained momentum and caught the attention of local news programs and social media platforms. In just a few days, the campaign received an overwhelming response, with over $402,000 in donations. However, GoFundMe stepped in and temporarily halted the fundraising efforts.

The campaign’s momentum abruptly stopped when a woman, who had seen Hebron in the news, stepped forward and accused him of a violent past. According to the woman, she had been attacked by Hebron in 2020. As a result, GoFundMe froze the campaign in line with its Terms of Service, which prohibit fundraising for individuals with a history of violent crimes.

GoFundMe’s decision to freeze the campaign has faced widespread backlash, as many people are expressing their concerns about how the platform is handling the situation. Santana Cruise & Travel, a popular TikToker, voiced her dissatisfaction with GoFundMe, criticizing them for withholding the funds that were raised for Hebron.

Critics argue that an individual’s past actions, such as a violent incident that occurred four years ago, should not hinder efforts to provide assistance to those who are in need.

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