TikTok users are recounting their scary experiences with unlicensed individuals providing dental veneers.

Veneers have become incredibly popular on social media platforms.

However, there is a growing concern about unlicensed practitioners called “veneer techs” who can potentially cause significant harm.

Porcelain veneers can be quite expensive, with some top dentists charging up to $80,000 for the procedure.

According to a recent report in The Cut, there is a growing trend among veneer technicians to prioritize a less invasive procedure called composite-bonded veneers.

The cap can be attached with minimal shaving required for this technique.

For some individuals, this has resulted in a complete catastrophe.

In March, TikTok creator @tybabira88 gained widespread attention for her viral video, detailing her unconventional journey to get veneers in the back of a barbershop. To her disappointment, she revealed that several of her newly acquired teeth fell out within days.

Tyrisha Ragin, the TikToker, shared her experience with The Cut, revealing that even though she eventually received a refund, she still had to cover the cost of repairing her veneers at the dentist.

Ragin is not the only one facing this issue.

The TikTok user expressed her inability to speak due to the immense size of her surroundings.

The woman requested to have the veneers “shaved down,” but the technician cautioned her about the possibility of them becoming “stuck” in her mouth.

The TikToker experienced excruciating pain, leaving her in tears.

TikTok dentists are actively countering the rise of the so-called veneer techs.

In a widely viewed video, @Thebentist criticized the practice as illegal and hazardous. Dr. Ashley Brede Ciapciak, a dentist from Massachusetts, shared the same concerns.

Ciapciak emphasized in a TikTok video that there is no valid certification for a “veneer tech.”

Rather than addressing the root causes of individuals’ dental problems, the technicians are camouflaging them by applying composite material to create the veneers.

She expressed her concerns about illegal dentistry schemes, stating that they lack proper knowledge and expertise in the field.

In an article on Substack by Phil Lewis, the editor of HuffPost, Dr. Tricia Quartey, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, emphasized that individuals with certificates from two-day classes cannot replace licensed dental professionals.

Quartey emphasized the importance of dentists being the sole professionals to perform veneer procedures.

According to The Cut, Ragin’s tech stated that she has discontinued performing veneers and was unaware that she was engaging in any wrongdoing.

According to the Cut, she mentioned that she had paid for training at different programs in Atlanta and Texas. However, Business Insider was unable to receive an immediate comment from Veneer Tech.

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