Three Selma residents charged with attempted murder after Millbrook gunshots hit many vehicles

Mocobizscene- According to court documents, three suspects are currently in custody at the Elmore County Jail in connection with an incident that took place in January. During the incident, numerous shots were fired into two vehicles that were occupied at the time.

Three individuals from Selma, namely Kordez Ervin, 24; Latrell White, 23; and Gabriel Wade, 21, have been identified as the suspects. They are currently facing multiple charges.

On the afternoon of January 15, there were shootings in the 3100 block of Highway 14. The Millbrook police received reports of shots fired and promptly responded to the scene. Upon arrival, first responders and investigators discovered that two vehicles had been struck by gunfire.

According to court documents, people who were present at the scene reported observing a black Nissan Altima without a license plate and tinted windows, engaging in gunfire with other vehicles before swiftly escaping. Law enforcement officials pursued the suspects, but they were last spotted in the Prattville vicinity near Highway 14 and Old Farm Lane.

According to the filings, Prattville police observed an identical vehicle leaving a business on Old Farm Lane and turning onto Highway 14 towards Millbrook just minutes later. At this juncture, Prattville officers conducted a traffic stop and apprehended Ervin and White.

According to court filings, investigators have mentioned that a witness positively identified the vehicle as the one that fired the shots. The vehicle in question had the same type and color as described by the witness, but it now had a license plate.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle had parked behind the business on Old Farm Lane. One of the suspects quickly made their way to the dumpster, where three Glock firearms were found by the police. These firearms were equipped with illegal conversion switches, which served as crucial evidence in the case.

After analyzing the surveillance footage, the police were able to identify Wade as the third suspect. The video clearly showed that he was the individual who disposed of the guns in the dumpster.

Ervin and White are being charged with two counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. Wade, on the other hand, is facing two counts of attempted murder and two counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

All the suspects are currently in custody with a total bail amounting to $360,000.

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