Three individuals face charges for the alleged kidnapping of a South Florida man using a box truck

Mocobizscene-   Three individuals have been apprehended by the Miami-Dade police, as they face charges of kidnapping in connection to the abduction of a man from South Florida.

According to CBS News Miami, the incident began when the victim received a call from a woman instructing him to meet her at a parking lot in Sweetwater. The police were informed about the situation.

During their journey, they made a pit stop at a fast food restaurant where everyone, including the victim, got out to order their meals.

When the victim realized he was being abducted, he immediately alerted an employee who was present at the scene. The employee, displaying great concern for the victim’s safety, promptly dialed 9-1-1 to report the incident.

Upon arriving at the fast food restaurant, officers were provided with a description of the truck. Within moments, the police successfully located the U-haul, which housed two men and a woman.

Fortunately, the victim escaped without any major injuries. The authorities have arrested all three individuals and have pressed charges against them.

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