Three children discovered fatally shot inside vehicle at Gwinnett park

Gwinnett police are currently conducting an investigation following the tragic discovery of a man and three children found deceased inside a vehicle at a nearby park.

Sgt. Michele Pihera stated that during a routine patrol, an officer unexpectedly came across a vehicle that raised suspicions. Upon further investigation, they discovered a man and three children deceased inside the vehicle. The sergeant mentioned that the exact time of the incident was uncertain, but confirmed that all individuals had been shot.

According to Pihera, it seems that the victims are two girls and one boy.

According to Pihera, it is unclear of the exact ages of the three children, but they seemed to be of elementary school to middle school ages.

Authorities are currently awaiting notification of the next of kin before they can proceed with identifying the individuals inside the car.

Pihera stated that while the incident is tragic, it seems to be an isolated one. She assured that the officers will diligently carry out their duties, treating this case like any other homicide investigation. Their goal is to bring closure to the families affected by this unfortunate event.

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