This City in UtahState Named as the Most Affordable City in the Western U.S.

Millions of people across the country are experiencing stress due to the increasing cost of living. However, there are still some places where people can find relief as they are affordable. Utah has one such city that is considered to be among the most affordable.

According to a study conducted by the MarketWatch Guides Team this year, Ogden has been identified as the most economical city in the Western United States. Interestingly, it is also the only city that made it to the top 30 most affordable cities overall.

The study analyzed the cost of living in 223 of the largest towns in the U.S. taking into account various factors such as income, housing, transportation, and others. As per the findings, Ogden secured the 18th position in the list of the most affordable cities in the entire country.

According to the study, the median family income stood at $76,037, with a median home price of $368,000, and an unemployment rate of 2.7%.

According to recent data, Ogden stands out as one of the most affordable places to rent a home, with an average rent of only $944 as of May 2023. In fact, Ogden is one of just 22 locations in the country where the average rent is less than $1,000. Additionally, this town boasts the lowest grocery prices among all the places on the list, with prices 17.9% lower than the national average.

In 2023, Green Bay, Wisconsin will hold the title of the most budget-friendly city in the US. You can expect to pay 15% less than the national average for groceries, and the median monthly rent is a mere $870.

According to the study, the average rent nationwide has risen by almost 36% in the last five years, from $1,469 per month to nearly $2,000 per month.

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