This Bridge Is Known as the Most Haunted Bridges in Indiana

Mocobizscene-  The Avon Haunted Bridge holds the title of being one of the most haunted areas in Indiana. Initially constructed in 1906 as a railway bridge, it continues to serve its purpose for CSX to this day. Over the years, the bridge has become a notable landmark in Hendricks County, captivating locals with its numerous legends and folklore.

The famous bridge in Indiana is a must-see attraction, known for its captivating legend. Before you visit, it’s essential to understand the significance and popularity of this bridge.


The haunted bridge has an array of legends surrounding its eerie reputation, one of which goes as follows.

According to local folklore, a haunting tale is associated with the bridge’s construction. The story goes that four workers tragically lost their lives when they fell into White Lick Creek while working on the bridge. The eerie part is that some claim to still hear the haunting sound of their splashes even to this day.

If you pass under the bridge located half a mile south of U.S. 36 off County Road 625 East, don’t forget to honk your horn as you drive through.

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