The upcoming school year in Alabama will feature education on fentanyl prevention and awareness in schools.

Alabama is actively working to educate students on the risks associated with fentanyl through the Price Hornsby Act. This legislation mandates that students in grades six through twelve receive instruction on fentanyl prevention and awareness.

State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey expressed his enthusiasm about the initiative, saying, “We’re very excited about this. It’s something we wish we didn’t have to do, but unfortunately, we’re still grappling with the aftermath of the opioid crisis that hit the country about a decade ago.”

According to Mackey, the prevalence of drugs laced with fentanyl is becoming an increasingly worrisome issue. However, parents are relieved to know that their children will be educated on this topic.

Shira Lomax emphasized the importance of educating kids about the current situation on the streets. According to her, it is crucial for children to be aware of what is out there so that they can make informed decisions and avoid any potential harm in the future. She believes that educating kids about the current scenario will ultimately lead them to make smarter decisions in the long run.

According to Mackey, students will now receive additional education on fentanyl, in addition to the drug education already provided by schools. This new education will cover everything from prevention to post-overdose care for those who may be affected.

According to Mackey, each school system in the state must develop a plan to educate students about the risks associated with fentanyl, including how to identify the warning signs of a potential overdose, and what steps to take in case of an emergency.

Students will also learn about current trends happening throughout the country through the program.

Mackey warned that there have been instances where individuals have mistakenly consumed counterfeit medication, believing it to be a legitimate over-the-counter drug purchased from a friend or at a reduced price. These counterfeit medications, however, have been found to contain fentanyl, which can be extremely dangerous.

Lomax emphasized the importance of educating kids on how to identify and avoid being tricked or fooled. “If they know what to look for, we can prevent more incidents in the future,” he said.

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