Bill Aims To Restrict Use Of Food Stamps To Purchase Unhealthy Foods

A bill allowing the Department of Child and Family Services to prohibit the purchase of unhealthy items with SNAP benefits has been introduced in the regular session.

Troy Romero, a Republican from Jennings, said he hopes his measure will transform Louisiana’s reputation as one of the most unhealthy states in the nation.

“And what we’re trying to do is create awareness that there are healthier options out there and kind of drive people to buy those things,” Romero added.

Romero, who also chairs the House Agriculture Committee, stated that the bill requires DCFS to engage with nutritionists and healthcare specialists to provide educational materials to teach SNAP recipients about healthier options.

If the measure passes, DCFS will determine what foods can and cannot be purchased using SNAP. Romero believes that forbidden foods will include…

“We’re looking at unhealthy snack foods like sugary treats, candy, cookies, cakes, and sweetened beverages.” Salty food items such as chips, pretzels, and high-sodium processed foods,” Romero stated.

He anticipates that high-fat foods will likewise be restricted.

Romera stated that the bill has the support of Governor Landry and DCFS Secretary David Matlock.

“The acronym SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and the term contains the word nutrition. Let’s get folks to eat a more nutritious, healthier diet,” Romero remarked.

Romero stated that other states have passed similar legislation limiting what can be purchased with SNAP subsidies.

The regular legislative session begins on March 11.

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