The United States reaffirms its backing of the Philippines amid the ongoing conflict with China over maritime boundaries.

On Monday, the United States declared its support for the Philippines as its ally, after a Philippine supply ship was reportedly rammed by a Chinese vessel near the contested Second Thomas Shoal territory in the South China Sea, specifically near the Spartly Islands.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miler issued an official statement condemning the People’s Republic of China for its reckless actions in preventing the Philippines from delivering humanitarian supplies to service members stationed at the BRP Sierra Madre on June 17. The United States firmly stands with its ally, the Philippines, in this matter.

USNI News has confirmed that a Philippine sailor sustained severe injuries during a resupply mission in the South China Sea at Ayungin Shoal, after being blocked by Chinese forces.

According to Miller, the Chinese vessels have utilized water cannons, ramming, blocking maneuvers, and towing of damaged Philippine ships in a “dangerous and deliberate” manner that has endangered the lives of Philippine service members. He believes that these actions are reckless and pose a threat to regional peace and stability.

On May 19, the State Department reported that Philippine service members who were undergoing medical evacuation were “harassed” by a Chinese Coast Guard ship. Additionally, the ship “unlawfully seized airdropped provisions,” causing further disruption.

As per the international tribunal’s unanimous decision in July 2016, China has no legal maritime claims to the waters surrounding Second Thomas Shoal, as stated by Miller.

China’s recent action is part of a series of similar moves taken in regional escalations concerning the disputed territory.

Philippine Navy personnel regularly occupy the reef and receive supplies from Filipino vessels. Despite Beijing’s, as well as Vietnam’s and Taiwan’s opposition, Manila asserts that the reef is within its exclusive economic zone.

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The Philippines has requested the United Nations to acknowledge its entitlement to the undersea continental seabed in the South China Sea. This recent move highlights the country’s efforts to assert its sovereignty over the disputed waters.

According to the State Department, the most recent incident is just one of many attempts by China to disrupt the delivery of vital supplies to the soldiers based at the BRP Sierra Madre. These provocative actions are a cause for concern and require attention.

According to a government official in the Philippines, China’s actions have endangered the lives of their personnel and caused damage to their boats. This is a clear violation of international law, including the United Nations Charter, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and the 2016 Arbitral Award. The statement was posted on X by the government.

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