The shooter’s girlfriend was identified as the victim in the fatal shootout in southwest Atlanta, according to new information

A woman was killed in the middle of the street following a shootout that took place in southwest Atlanta.

According to police, the intended victims were not her and another victim who was also present.

On Baker Drive, a shooting incident occurred on a Sunday afternoon. According to the police, the incident was a result of an argument that took place a few hours before the shooting.

During the Atlanta Police Department precinct briefing on Metropolitan Parkway, Veronica Griffin from Channel 2 provided live coverage for WSB Tonight at 11 p.m. with additional information.

According to detectives who spoke to Channel 2 Action News, the two victims and the shooters were acquainted with each other.

Commander Andrew Smith with ADP Homicide assured that justice will be served in this case. He acknowledged that explaining the complexity of the case might not be easy.

According to the detectives present at the scene, the altercation initially occurred at a different place but resumed at approximately 3:30 PM. As a result, two men eventually made their way to the residence located on Baker Drive SW.

Smith recounted the moment when the shoot-out started.

As the two men exchanged gunfire, a 21-year-old woman, who coincidentally was the girlfriend of one of the shooters, was struck by stray bullets.

Unfortunately, she passed away at the scene.

According to the homicide detectives, the homeowner was hit in the leg by a stray bullet.

As soon as the incident occurred, a family member notified Veronica Griffin from Channel 2. Without any delay, the family members rushed to the location where the incident took place. Over thirty friends and family members arrived at the scene, desperately seeking answers.

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At present, it remains uncertain whether either or both of the men are under consideration as suspects.

The authorities are still conducting their investigation and have yet to reach any conclusions.

The authorities have not disclosed any further details regarding the suspected gunmen or the identity of the deceased woman.

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