The former city employee who killed the overdosed woman gets 11 years in prison

Mocobizscene- A former municipal worker who entered into a plea deal with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, admitting to providing the drugs that led to an overdose on a woman he was dating, was sentenced to 11 years in state prison on Thursday.

As part of the agreement, Jarid Nakamura, the former employee, acknowledged that the victim, Sokly Sar, was vulnerable at the time of the incident and entered a guilty plea to one count of voluntary manslaughter in January.

Prior to July 6, 2020, Nakamura was charged with one count of murder in relation with Sar’s passing.
Authorities said that Sar was discovered deceased on the 1700 block of Cedar Avenue. Sar overdosed on alcohol and methamphetamine, according to an autopsy conducted on her body. Since there was little proof at the time that someone else was at fault, her death was declared an accident.

However, Nakamura entered the Long Beach Police Department’s Downtown offices almost three years later and requested to speak with detectives regarding Sar’s passing.At that point, according to the authorities, he admitted to the detectives that he had given Sar the medicines that killed her.

Bryan Schroeder, the lawyer for Nakamura, acknowledged that the case was challenging but thought it resolved in a way that was equitable to all parties.

“His intention was not to murder her,” Schroeder stated. “However, he did do something that led to her demise.”

Nakamura had been employed by the city’s Harbor Department for about three years at the time of the crime. According to records, he was employed as a maintenance assistant. He had previously spent 2009 and 2010 employed by the same department.

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