Texas man sentenced to 10 years for attacking his ex-girlfriend with a dumbbell in NE DC in 2022

According to Department of Justice officials, a man from Texas was sentenced to ten years in prison on Thursday, November 9 for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in Northeast D.C. with a 15-pound dumbbell to the head and face.

On December 9, 2022, in the 1200 block of Florida Avenue, Northeast, Nicholas Batts, 33, of Georgetown, Texas, allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend with the dumbbell, according to court documents.

According to court documents, when officers of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) arrived at the scene, Batts reported that he “snapped” and struck her with the weight.

MPD officials reported that the woman was discovered incapacitated and unresponsive on the floor of Batts’ bedroom, having sustained multiple blunt force injuries.

In September 2023, Batts entered a guilty plea for aggravated assault while armed. Based on the court’s approval, the confession stipulated a mandatory prison term ranging from seven and a half to ten years, as reported by authorities.

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