Test results awaited by family of Dunwoody teenager who passed away following a medical emergency

The loved ones of a Dunwoody High School student, who passed away after experiencing a medical emergency in class, are eagerly awaiting the results of tests to determine if drugs were a factor in the tragic incident.

Channel 2’s Michael Seiden spoke with Pamela Dieguez via Zoom on Monday evening. Pamela confirmed that her sister, Mia, 15, was taken to the hospital after experiencing a medical emergency during the school day.

According to Deiguez, school officials informed her that her daughter had gone to the restroom. When she returned to the classroom and put her head on her desk, the next thing they knew, she was on the floor.

“She added that they are currently conducting an autopsy, so the specific details of what was taken are still unknown.”

Deiguez shared with Channel 2 Action News that she recently discovered her sister had been purchasing Percocet from an undisclosed classmate.

“I contacted the principal this morning to inform them about my concerns regarding the sale of drugs to my sister,” she shared.

As of Monday evening, authorities have not taken anyone into custody or pressed charges against anyone.

During her interview with Channel 2 Action News, Deiguez shared the story of her sister, who happened to be the youngest among their five siblings.

“She added that her younger sister was the youngest in the family, with everyone else being four or five years older than her.”

According to Deiguez, she took on the role of her sister’s legal guardian when their mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Deiguez shared that her sister had aspirations of joining the military after graduating from high school.

According to several students, the school implemented a lockdown for a duration of two hours during the emergency.

The family is currently making efforts to raise funds in order to provide Mia with a proper burial.

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