Tennessee woman fights to prevent her attacker’s release from prison after suffering from boiling oil burns for 13 years

Lindsey Arp made sure she would be present to testify against her attacker, who left her with life-changing injuries, when she learned he would be eligible for parole this month. This determination was evident when she traveled to Lewisburg, Tennessee, to attend the hearing.

In 2012, Haase was convicted by a jury for attempting to commit first-degree premeditated murder.

Arp’s way of life has been permanently altered by the extensive burns he suffered thirteen years ago.

Arp, a 36-year-old, expressed her frustration by saying that she can’t even enjoy a simple picnic with her kids because of her condition. Moreover, she can’t go to the gym because her skin grafts would tear open. She emphasized that she shouldn’t have to worry about her skin grafts ripping open at her age.

During the Wednesday morning hearing at the Tennessee Board of Parole, Arp made a case for denying Haase’s parole. According to court documents, Haase was convicted and sentenced for a murder in Michigan in 1995, following the attack on Arp.

Arp expressed her frustration at the sentencing of her attacker, stating that she finds it absurd that he only received 40 years at 35 percent. She believes the punishment is a mere slap on the hand and thinks that he should have been given a life sentence, just like the one she feels she is serving. Arp emphasized the severity of the attack, stating that it wasn’t just a regular domestic violence incident, but rather, he tried to take her life. She feels that it was essential for her to speak out and share her story to ensure that her voice is heard.

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Later this month, the Tennessee Board of Parole will make its final decision regarding Haase’s case. It’s important to note that even if parole is granted, Haase would still be required to complete his prison sentence in Michigan.

Despite raising five children, Arp remains committed to her advocacy work, particularly for domestic violence victims. Over the past decade, she has dedicated herself to this cause and shows no signs of slowing down.

Arp expressed her joy in witnessing the milestones of her five children and being present and active in their lives, without having to worry about being in a hospital bed and having someone else raise them. She finds it beautiful to be able to do so. Arp is a fighter and believes that her children know this about her. She always does the right thing and will continue her fight. Arp strongly believes that no man should ever feel that they have control over women, as it goes against what is right.

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