Tennessee Residents Urged by USPS to Check Their Mailboxes Immediately

Before heading out for your summer vacation, there is one crucial task that you must complete.

When people go on vacation, they usually ask someone they trust to check their mail for them. Doing so gives the impression that someone is still at home and prevents the mailbox from overflowing. It also serves as a security measure against possible theft of valuable mail.

Many people rarely check their mail and when they do, it’s usually overflowing with crumpled up letters and packages. Postal workers are often faced with these challenges, in addition to dealing with unfriendly homeowners, inclement weather, unclear addresses, aggressive dogs, and unusual mailboxes.

The image above showcases a typical American mailbox found on a suburban street.

While mailboxes can be a reflection of your personal style, it’s important to remember that there are certain requirements that must be met, regardless of whether your choice is considered trendy or not.

USPS wants to ensure the safety of your mail. Therefore, it is essential to check your mailbox immediately to ensure that it meets all the necessary safety measures.

A man is collecting his mail from the mailbox in the image.

It’s important to follow the USPS guidelines when it comes to your mailboxes. The USPS website provides clear-cut requirements, including where to place your house number and how to properly position your mailbox. These are crucial details that should not be overlooked.

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