Teen sisters who drowned at Coney Island Beach remembered in funeral service

In the Bronx, people gathered on Tuesday to mourn the tragic loss of two sisters who drowned at Coney Island Beach last week. The funeral service was held to honor their memory.

An outdoor service held at the Ghanian Islamic & Cultural Center to pay tribute to 17-year-old Zainab and 18-year-old Aisha Mohammed saw the attendance of hundreds of community members. The girls had attended weekend classes at the center.

Mariam Mohammed, the older sister, expressed her gratitude to the entire community for their overwhelming support and presence on this day to show love to her sisters.

As she spoke, she struggled to keep her tears at bay.

She expressed, “My sisters were full of love and care.”

The father of the sisters, Mohammed Ahmed, expressed his grief by saying, “We have suffered a great loss.”

Mayor Eric Adams was present at the service.

Adams expressed his deep condolences to the family, acknowledging that there is no greater pain than the loss of a child for any parent. “My heart is with them during this difficult time,” he said.

According to their relatives and friends, the girls were exceptional students, excelling in their studies and with promising futures.

According to one individual, the children are always delighted to see you as they never fail to greet you with a warm hello.

How the tragedy happened

According to family members, the sisters were caught in rough waters on Friday night, approximately two hours after the lifeguards had finished their duty.

According to authorities, emergency calls were received at approximately 8 p.m. reporting that the girls and their cousin were in the water. Despite efforts to save them, Zainab and Aisha Mohammed were retrieved from the water in critical condition and unfortunately passed away at the hospital. The cousin, however, was successfully rescued.

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Ahmed is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that two of his daughters drowned while relatives attempted to rescue them.

Ahmed shared that his daughter, Mariam, was present during the incident and was deeply affected by it. She even attempted to enter the water but was unable to. “You just imagine,” Ahmed expressed.

Local community leaders emphasized the importance of initiating additional programs aimed at teaching swimming skills to the younger generation.

One of the youth leaders expressed that their background did not involve learning how to swim at a young age, which is not typical for them. They highlighted the importance of swimming as a life skill and a valuable tool to have. The youth leader also emphasized that if the communities, government, and local government can offer support, it can make a significant impact.

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