Adorable Dog Who Cuddles With Grandbaby Earns Pet of the Week Title

This week, we’ve come across some hilarious and heartwarming pet stories online. One of the highlights was a mischievous squirrel that transformed into a “porch pirate,” stealing items from people’s porches. Another delightful tale involved a cat who couldn’t hide his feelings of betrayal when he caught his owner petting an outdoor cat. These stories showcase the funny and adorable moments that our furry friends bring to our lives.

We have been delighted to receive charming and amusing videos and pictures from our readers for our weekly feature, the Newsweek Pet of the Week.

If you want your pet to be featured in next week’s lineup, simply follow the instructions provided at the end of this story to get involved.


Meet this week’s Pet of the Week, Festivus! Festivus is a rescue dog who resides in Virginia alongside his loving owner, Rebecca Faeder. Festivus cherishes his family and brings joy to their lives.

Festivus, who was saved by 2×2 rescue in Merrillville, Indiana, shares a special bond with a particular family member, 3-year-old Ava.

According to Faeder, Ava and he have been friends since birth. They have always gotten along well. In a heartwarming video, the two of them were seen sitting on the couch, relaxing and having a good time together.

When he’s not spending time with Ava, he enjoys going on car rides and watching TV. Faeder’s other grandchildren have even started playing with him. According to Faeder, “He loves our grandchildren, especially now that they’ve learned to use the chuck-it and throw the ball for him and play tug-of-war with him constantly.”


Cricket and Goob, a delightful pair of Chihuahua mix pups, have made it to the finals this week. These adorable little pups reside in Utah with their loving owner, Dan Whitaker.

They absolutely adore going for rides in the car, spending time playing outdoors, and indulging in delicious treats.

“They are incredibly adorable and affectionate. They pay close attention to us and display remarkable intelligence, often anticipating our actions without any cues,” Whitaker expressed to Newsweek. “They resemble little children in some ways, occasionally exasperating but undeniably endearing.”

Meet Larry, a clever ginger and white cat who has mastered the art of manipulating his owner into dishing out treats.

“He always manages to make me laugh, and he has a clever way of getting me to give him treats,” Christine Eaton shared with Newsweek. “He’s always craving for attention and affection, but above all, he is my closest companion. Whenever I step out, he eagerly awaits my return by the door.”

Sadie and Grace, two Labrador Retrievers, reside in Virginia with their owner, Susan Crosby.

Sadie, a 14-year-old girl, has formed a close bond with Grace, a 16-week-old puppy. Despite their age difference, these two have become the best of friends.

According to Crosby, Sadie’s top pastime is eating, while Grace enjoys everything. In an interview with Newsweek, Crosby expressed his deep affection for Labradors, declaring them to be the ultimate canine companions.

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