Surveillance footage reveals thieves making off with $51k worth of merchandise from Gucci store

Mocobizscene- Newly released surveillance footage reveals the identities of the three individuals believed to be involved in the incident. On Monday, I found myself in the vibrant Meatpacking District.

The store on West 14th Street, situated in one of the city’s busiest and trendiest neighborhoods, was invaded by the robbers at noon. In the video, we witness one robber swiftly making his way towards the store’s merchandise, seizing everything within his reach. Another accomplice closely trails behind, also determined to snatch a Gucci luggage set from the store.

The woman, who is the third robber, is seen holding a gun. The trio made off with various pieces of luggage and other miscellaneous items valued at $51,000.

The thieves escaped in a black Toyota with New York license plates, driving westbound on 14th Street. According to the police, they were headed towards New Jersey via the Lincoln Tunnel. According to authorities, the robbery was carried out without any shots being fired and fortunately, no one was injured.

Just last week, Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the importance of addressing retail theft through a collaborative approach among law enforcement agencies. “To protect these workers and send a clear message, we must put an end to the uncertainty of not knowing if someone entering the door will cause them harm, knock them over, or vandalize the shelves. It’s essential that we ensure the safety of these individuals,” stated Hochul.

Tourists in the area were left astounded by the audacity of the robbery, which took place in broad daylight.

“It’s incredibly audacious and reckless for someone to rob a high-end store in broad daylight, putting all the innocent people present at great risk. It’s truly terrible,” expressed Rosemary Welburn, a visitor from Australia.

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