Supreme Court Justice Alito receives backlash over ‘stop the steal’ flag outside his home following scathing report

US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is facing backlash for displaying an upside down American flag outside his home in the aftermath of the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021.

Some supporters of Maga use the symbol to challenge the results of the 2020 US presidential election.

Photos captured by concerned neighbors depict an inverted flag waving on Mr. Alito’s lawn in Alexandria, Virginia, on January 17, 2021, according to a report by The New York Times.

Mr. Alito’s intention to symbolize solidarity with Donald Trump, who lost the election to Joe Biden, is not explicitly clear. The emblem was carried by protestors through city streets, coinciding with chants of “Stop the Steal.”

According to reports, the photographs were captured just 11 days following the violent intrusion of the US Capitol by a far-right faction of supporters of Mr. Trump. This incident occurred on January 6, 2021, while Congress was in the process of certifying Mr. Biden’s victory. It is worth noting that the flag in question was displayed outside Justice Alito’s residence during the deliberation of cases pertaining to the 2020 election.

According to the justice of the Supreme Court, his wife, Martha-Ann, raised the flag in retaliation to the signs displayed in their neighbors’ gardens.

In an emailed statement to the newspaper, Mr. Alito asserted that he had no involvement at all in the flying of the flag.

According to the spokesperson, Mrs. Alito placed it briefly in response to a neighbor using offensive and personally insulting language on yard signs.

According to the US code, the American flag should never be displayed upside down, unless it is used as a distress signal in situations of severe danger to life or property.

Mr. Alito has faced criticism for the symbol that was displayed outside his house over three years ago.

Joyce Vance, a former federal prosecutor, strongly criticized the jurist, pointing out that judges are expected to steer clear of politics, as she expressed on X.

In response, she expressed her opinion, stating, “Justice Alito seems indifferent to the matter. When I first came across the headline in the New York Times, I was under the impression that someone had intentionally placed an American flag upside down at the Alito’s residence or that the photo was a digitally manipulated fake. However, it appears that neither of these scenarios is true.”

The justice faced swift criticism on social media from others.

Author Stephen King expressed his shock and disbelief at the sight of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito flying an upside-down flag outside his house, using it as a symbol to convey his support for the Stop the Steal movement. King was at a loss for words to describe his reaction to this act.

Actor Jon Cryer pointed out the irony of a Supreme Court Justice’s spouse being upset about an anti-Trump sign on her block, only to put up a symbol in support of his attempted coup. He questioned the justification behind Justice Sam Alito’s stance on the matter.

Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court listened to arguments regarding the question of whether President Trump is shielded by presidential immunity in his federal election subversion case, potentially preventing him from facing jail time.

The high court is expected to deliver its ruling in the next few weeks.

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