Sisters from Orange County seek their missing nephew and his girlfriend in Oregon

Last week, a teenage nephew and his girlfriend went missing from Knappa, Oregon. This incident has left two sisters from Orange County anxious and worried as they are desperately trying to locate the couple. The Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office has listed 18-year-old Jonathan Stockle and 15-year-old Penny Lyles as missing.

According to the boy’s aunt, April LaBagh-Beougher, who hails from Goshen but now resides in Florida, there was some abuse happening. As she recalls, they attempted to report the incident to the school, but unfortunately, the police officer who arrived at the scene instructed them to go home instead.

According to Crystal Vanduzer, the boy’s other aunt who resides in Orange County, Stockle and his girlfriend disappeared from Knappa High School on November 14th. Vanduzer expresses her fear and sadness, stating that her son is a good kid who did not deserve what has happened.

According to the sisters, Stockle relocated from his parents’ home in Thayer, Missouri, in July to reside with Lyles and her father in Oregon. LaBagh-Beougher recounted that the reason they ran was because the father had slashed their tires and jammed something in their ignition.

The exact details surrounding the disappearance of the teens and the allegations of abuse by Stockle’s aunts have not been confirmed by Oregon law enforcement. While authorities have not stated that the couple is in any danger, Stockle’s aunts have reported that Jonathan texted his parents on Tuesday night while in the woods, expressing his fear and cautioning against calling him because he believed he would be shot if he was discovered.

According to LaBagh-Beougher, he warned them to refrain from calling as it could lead to his discovery and subsequent murder. She added that there have been no witnesses or any information regarding his whereabouts, including his missing car.

According to online reports from Oregon authorities, the teenagers may have found their way onto private or state timber lands located in the Clatsop or Columbia County region. In an effort to aid in their search, photos of the couple and a stock image of Jonathan’s vehicle have been released.

According to the teen’s aunts, despite being thousands of miles away, they are eager to provide assistance in any way possible.

LaBagh-Beougher expressed her concern and compassion for the individuals who ran away, acknowledging that they likely had a reason for doing so and may be fearful of returning. She simply hopes for their safe return home.

News 12 has attempted to reach out to Oregon authorities for information regarding the situation, but our calls have not been returned. Similarly, our attempts to contact Lyle’s father were unsuccessful as the phone number we called had a full voicemail box and our text message was not responded to.

According to authorities, Stockle stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighs 155 pounds, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Meanwhile, Lyles is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, weighs 120 pounds, and also has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her vehicle, a gray 1998 Toyota Rav4 with an Oregon license plate J47HRL, is currently missing.

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