Sheriff states gamer supposedly traveled to Florida to assault another player he met online

Authorities have charged a man from New Jersey with attempted murder after he allegedly flew to Florida and attacked a fellow gamer with a hammer following an online dispute.

During a press briefing on Monday, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper announced charges in a case where a suspect showed up at the victim’s home in Fernandina Beach over the weekend to confront them. It was revealed that the victim and suspect had never met in-person before this incident occurred.

According to Leeper, the peculiar case is suspected to have arisen from an argument on the internet. He referred to it as an “online altercation.”

According to Leeper, the perpetrator was tackled and apprehended by the victim, who is believed to be of a similar age to Kang. Leeper added that the victim’s stepfather, who was awoken by cries for assistance, aided in disarming and restraining the attacker until authorities arrived at the scene.

According to the sheriff, the assault caused significant head injuries to the victim. Fortunately, the victim has been discharged from the hospital since then.

On Sunday, Nassau County Jail took Kang into custody and charged him with attempted second-degree murder and armed burglary. At this time, it remains uncertain whether he has legal representation.

According to Leeper, the investigation is still in progress, and there is a possibility of upgrading the charges.

According to Leeper, Kang told deputies that the victim was a “bad person online” when asked about the motive behind the assault. Additionally, he inquired about the amount of jail time one receives for breaking and entering as well as assault.

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Leeper informed Mr. Kang that he would have to wait a considerable amount of time before being able to indulge in video games.

Leeper stated that the victim and suspect had a prior acquaintance through the online video game ArcheAge. The game, which is a Korean massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will no longer be available in the United States starting Thursday, as announced by its publisher in April. The reason behind this decision was the dwindling number of active players.

According to Leeper, Kang informed his family that he was planning to meet a friend he had made years ago through an online video game. He flew from Newark, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida and checked into a hotel close to the victim’s residence in the early hours of Friday morning. Upon arriving in Florida, Kang reportedly purchased a hammer and flashlight from a hardware store, with receipts found in his hotel room.

Leeper emphasized that this event is a clear indication of the severe real-life implications of online communication. He advised the general public to be vigilant, report any dubious online activity to the relevant authorities, and guarantee that their residences are always securely locked.

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