Gwinnett woman recounts waking up to find a ‘peeping Tom’ outside her window

A man from Gwinnett County was taken into custody over the weekend on charges of peeping through windows. The arrest was made after a family in Lawrenceville caught him red-handed, looking through a woman’s bedroom window.

Michelle Juarez expressed her fear and concern to Channel 2’s Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Matt Johnson, stating, “That was a frightening experience. It’s alarming that he was deliberately hiding his face, indicating that he was well aware of his actions.”

The suspect was caught on surveillance video prowling around the Juarez house on Grayson Highway early Saturday morning at around 2 o’clock.

Juarez’s brother and father were the first to notice the presence of a stranger in their backyard.

She soon noticed the man peering directly into her window.

“I was filled with fear and shock when I went up and pulled the blinds, and there he was,” she exclaimed.

According to the Lawrenceville police, they had already received several calls that morning regarding 24-year-old Jose Palma Santos peeping through nearby windows.

Upon the arrival of the officers, Palma Santos hastily fled towards a nearby shopping center, where he was subsequently apprehended.

Juarez recalled hearing the intruders commanding them to “Get down on the floor.”

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