Shaq generously funds master’s degrees for 15 of his friends

Shaquille O’Neal is a beloved American icon, known for his acts of generosity and his warm and friendly personality. He is affectionately referred to as “Shaq” by most Americans. Despite his intimidating 7-foot-1 stature, his infectious smile instantly puts people at ease. In a recent interview, Shaq shared the inspiring story of how he earned his Master’s degree.

In a recent episode of the “Be Better Off Show,” Shaq opened up about his early business endeavors. He expressed frustration over being overlooked during meetings, as the focus would quickly shift to lawyers and accountants. Feeling dismissed due to his lack of a degree, Shaq resolved to change that perception. If you want to hear more about Shaq’s journey, you can check out the complete interview on the “Be Better Off Show” YouTube channel.

Shaq joined the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1992 after being recruited during his sophomore year at Louisiana State University. Although he didn’t graduate before entering the NBA, Shaq later returned to LSU and successfully completed his undergraduate program, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 2000. Throughout his career, he solidified his position as one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Shaq made the decision to pursue his Master’s degree at the University of Phoenix. Despite the fact that Phoenix is primarily an online university, Shaq preferred the experience of attending classes in a physical classroom. During his conversations with the university staff, he learned that they required a minimum of 15 students to conduct in-person classes. Being the proactive individual he is, Shaq took matters into his own hands and ensured that the necessary number of students were enrolled. He generously covered the tuition fees for 15 individuals, allowing them to pursue their Master’s degrees alongside him and ultimately facilitating the establishment of in-person instruction at the university.

Shaq Didn’t Stop Learning After Getting His Master’s Degree

Shaq is a firm believer in the importance of education for everyone. In 2012, he achieved a significant milestone by earning a doctoral degree in education (Ed.D.) from Barry University Florida. This achievement held special meaning for Shaq, as it honored his mother’s unwavering commitment to education. Throughout his four years at Barry, Shaq consistently maintained an impressive cumulative GPA of 3.813. It is crucial to emphasize that his doctorate was earned through hard work and dedication, and it is not an “honorary” degree as some might assume.

Shaquille O’Neal, renowned for his achievements as an athlete, has successfully ventured into the business world. Through his astute business sense and philanthropic endeavors, he continues to captivate the world. Whether you witnessed his remarkable basketball career in the NBA or encountered him through television commercials, his name undoubtedly rings a bell. Exploring the determination and dedication he exhibited in earning his masters degree provides us with valuable insights into his unwavering motivation to constantly improve as an individual.

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