Search underway for 17-year-old Louisiana inmate who escaped custody, facing charges of attempted murder

Mocobizscene-  Authorities in Louisiana are currently conducting a manhunt for a 17-year-old inmate who managed to escape. The teenager was being held on charges of attempted murder. Kimmy Dauntain Jr., a resident of Orleans Parish, managed to flee from the custody of state officials on Friday in Franklin, Louisiana, as reported by the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office.

According to a news release from the State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice, a juvenile offender managed to escape from custody during a supervised trip in Franklin City, St. Mary Parish, on February 2, 2024, at around 4:30 p.m. The juvenile was last spotted running in an unknown direction while wearing a green and white jumpsuit.

The sheriff’s office informed that the teenager was in custody on several charges, including simple battery, illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile, attempted first-degree murder, and attempted second-degree murder (accessory after the fact).

The circumstances surrounding Dauntain’s escape have not been released by law enforcement.

In recent weeks, there have been instances of inmates in Pennsylvania and Arkansas managing to briefly escape police custody before eventually being apprehended. This latest incident adds to the growing number of cases highlighting the need for enhanced security measures within the prison system.

Noah Roush, 22, and Jatonia Bryant, 23, were reported missing 36 hours after they escaped from the Dub Brassell Adult Detention Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on January 22, as previously reported by CNN.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Roush, who is suspected of residential burglary, theft of property, and homicide, was apprehended three days after he and Bryant escaped from the jail. Roush was being held on probable cause prior to his capture.

Authorities said that the dayslong manhunt, which started due to failed head counts by the jail staff, came to an end on January 29 with the capture of Bryant. He was being held on probable cause for capital murder.

Philadelphia police and the United States Marshals Service have successfully captured 17-year-old Shane Pryor, the suspect in a 2020 killing who had managed to escape from custody during a medical transport on January 24. Pryor was apprehended on a bus in Philadelphia four days after his escape.

Prior to his escape, Pryor had been en route to a hospital for treatment of a hand injury, as stated by the police. On January 26, authorities arrested an 18-year-old who is accused of aiding Pryor’s escape.

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