Scaramucci criticizes Trump as the most unpatriotic presidential nominee in American history

In a recent interview, Anthony Scaramucci boldly declared that former President Trump holds the title of being the “most un-American presidential nominee in U.S. history.”

According to a recent interview on CNN’s “The Source” with host Kaitlan Collins, Scaramucci emphasized the importance of highlighting Mr. Trump as the most un-American presidential nominee in U.S. history. He stressed the need to scrutinize the promises he has made in relation to his role as the American president.

“I believe that if we proceed with that course of action, it will result in his defeat in the election,” Scaramucci continued.

Anthony Scaramucci, who served as communications director in the Trump White House for a mere 11 days, has transformed into a vocal critic of the former president. During his interview with CNN, Scaramucci expressed his belief that Trump is actively engaging with dictators.

“He desires to join the axis of autocracy alongside individuals such as Vladimir Putin,” Scaramucci expressed. “It is important to note that Vladimir Putin is currently closely aligned with Iran, which raises concerns about the implications for the Middle East. We are well aware of Donald Trump’s transactional nature, so it is crucial to consider the potential consequences.”

Scaramucci added that the individual in question has been explicit about his intentions to potentially threaten the licenses of anyone in the press whom he disagrees with or has an adversarial relationship with. Moreover, he has publicly expressed his desire to use the Department of Justice to prosecute his political adversaries. The extent of these actions is extensive, according to Scaramucci.

Scaramucci claimed last month that Trump had a “love affair” with Putin after the former president made comments regarding NATO. Trump stated that he would not defend alliance members who fail to meet defense spending targets.

During that time, Scaramucci expressed his belief that Western leaders and intelligence agencies fail to understand Donald Trump’s fondness for Vladimir Putin. He stated, “He has a love affair with Vladimir Putin, and so I don’t think anybody in the West… Western leadership understands that love affair.” Scaramucci also pointed out that Putin’s desire to reunite former Soviet Union republics is not adequately recognized by intelligence agencies.

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