Santeria Priests Of Afro-Cuban Origin Unveil Predictions For 2024

Mocobizscene-In Miami, the esteemed leaders of the Santeria religion have made predictions for the year 2024, foreseeing an increase in both violence and financial challenges. The babalawos, also known as priests, unveiled a series of predictions during a press conference conducted in Spanish at the 10 de Octubre temple in Havana.

According to Santeria priest Lázaro Pijuán, the lack of understanding is at the core of these issues, emphasizing the importance of negotiations.

Cuban authorities have been called upon by Lázaro Cuesta, a priest, to recognize the public’s “state of desperation.” He emphasized that it is their responsibility to identify and address the problems at hand.

The priests urged the public to avoid getting into debt and encouraged them to be generous towards their neighbors. They emphasized the importance of being vigilant about the well-being of children and pregnant women.

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