LAPD Shares Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Police Shooting In Chatsworth

Mocobizscene-Newly released footage captures a fatal police shooting incident in Chatsworth, providing a closer look into the events that unfolded. On December 1st, an incident occurred in the 9600 block of Laramie Avenue.

According to the police, they received a call from a woman reporting that her sister, Lisa Davis, aged 63, was in possession of a firearm and inside her residence.

The victim sought help by calling 911 while she was in the bathroom, as heard in the audio recording. Operator: “Is she in the house with the gun?”

Caller: “She is causing extensive damage to the house!” The police arrived at the scene shortly after.

As the officers approach the scene, bodycam footage captures the sight of flames and thick smoke emanating from the home. An officer can be heard reporting that they are searching for a female suspect who is armed with a gun.

Police encountered Davis in the backyard, where a sudden exchange of gunfire occurred. According to investigators, the officers conducted a search of the area behind the garage and discovered Davis, who proceeded to aim a handgun at one of the officers.

Authorities have stated that they recovered a Walther Model P22, a semi-automatic handgun made of blue-steel and with a .22 caliber. The firearm has been taken into custody as evidence in the ongoing investigation. The Chief of Police, the Board of Police Commissioners, and the Office of the Inspector General will thoroughly review the entire investigation to assess whether the use of force adhered to the policies and procedures of the LAPD.

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