RV encampments near apartments in Denver receive 72-hour notices from authorities

This summer, the issue of homelessness in Denver has led to complaints being received by the FOX31 Problem Solvers regarding tent and RV encampments on city streets and neighborhoods.

According to the Denver Rescue Mission, there are currently 9,065 individuals without homes within the city limits.

According to FOX31, the presence of RVs parked near the Nettie Moore Apartments has resulted in an increase in crime, as reported by the apartment’s residents.

FOX31 was told by Jessica Montero that “they” demonstrate no consideration for individuals residing in the area.

The growing access of RV dwellers to the property is a significant concern.

Montero mentioned that one could easily spot them charging their phones in the hallways.

According to another local resident, the dumpster has become a spot for people to use as a public restroom.

According to Robert Grenlow, just a few weeks ago, there was a drug deal taking place right at the corner. He also mentioned that he witnessed a man getting beaten up in the same location.

After receiving the complaint, the Problem Solvers took the initiative to contact the city officials for assistance. Upon our arrival at the apartment complex, we observed patrols circling the block.

Denver Homeless Outreach Team warns RV camps

City officials have previously cited the owners of the vehicles, according to the findings of the Problem Solvers.

According to FOX31, the Denver Police Department stated that in May, the Homeless Outreach Team served 72-hour notices to move the vehicles at least 700 feet or face towing in compliance with the city ordinance. Upon returning the following week, the RVs were no longer present but eventually reappeared.

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On Monday, in response to the latest complaint about the parked vehicles near the Nettie Moore Apartments, the Homeless Outreach Team issued four 72-hour notices.

A resident who has personally experienced homelessness emphasized the importance of providing resources and showing compassion towards individuals who are struggling, but have not resorted to criminal activities.

She expressed her concern towards individuals who have families and questioned the hardships they must be facing.

Mayor Mike Johnston’s initiative through All In Mile High has successfully placed 1,623 unhoused individuals in housing or reunited them with their loved ones, as indicated on the public dashboard. The initiative strives to provide shelter and housing to those in need.

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