Russian Television Personality Discovered Deceased 6 Weeks After Sharing Disturbing Farewell Video

The body of a Russian reality TV star and influencer was discovered on Sunday, 41 days after she bid a tearful farewell to her fans in what would become her final message to them.

On February 14, Kpadonu shared an update with her followers in a heartfelt video. She revealed that she was preparing for surgery to remove a tumor from her right lung. The actress expressed her emotions and bid farewell to those who have been a part of her journey.

The cause of Kpadonu’s death has not been officially disclosed, but authorities suspect that she passed away alone in her apartment shortly after undergoing surgery. Local media reports indicate that her body remained undiscovered for a considerable period of time, according to statements from neighbors and friends.

Aliana Ustinenko, a friend and former reality TV contestant, expressed her grief on social media over the tragic death of Kpadonu. In a heartfelt post, she wrote, “It’s all true. Forty-one days ago. Baby, rest in peace. I can’t say anything, there are simply no words.” Her words reflect the profound sadness and loss felt by those who knew Kpadonu.

Kpadonu participated in the reality dating TV show “House-2” back in 2011. The show revolves around contestants searching for romantic partners while simultaneously constructing a house. Following her appearance on the show, Kpadonu remained involved in the Russian reality TV scene for ten years. During this time, she established herself as an influential figure, amassing a significant following of 689,000 on Instagram.

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