Residents finally able to return home as LaVista Road reopens following devastating apartment fire

LaVista Road has finally reopened after being closed for months following a devastating fire that caused the displacement of hundreds of residents and the complete destruction of the Reserve at LaVista Walk apartments in November.

According to reports, two residents caused the fire by igniting fireworks.

LaVista Road was forced to close for a duration of five months due to the extensive damage incurred.

Ben Calhoun, co-owner of Big House Guitars, expressed the challenges they faced in the past with a single access point. “There were days when we had one access point. That’s difficult for anybody,” he shared.

Calhoun’s store is situated right alongside LaVista Road, boasting an impressive collection of vintage guitars, amps, and vinyl.

According to him, the basement of his store was flooded when the water was used to extinguish the fire.

Calhoun expressed the difficulties they faced when they lost power and had to shut down for a week. The damage they had to deal with posed a significant challenge for them.

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