Republican senator proposes deportation of select foreign student protesters

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) has urged the U.S. government to take action against international students who sympathize with Hamas. She is calling for the revocation of their visas and their subsequent deportation as college protests continue across the country.

During a recent interview on “The Hill” on NewsNation, Senator Blackburn emphasized that it is unacceptable to engage in actions such as proclaiming allegiance to Hamas, advocating for the elimination of Israel, or targeting Jewish students. She stressed the importance of universities taking appropriate measures in response to such behavior.

According to Blackburn, if the students who have federal student loans are U.S. citizens, she would revoke their loans since they are financed by taxpayer money.

Students at Columbia University seized control of a campus building in the early hours of Tuesday morning. They barricaded the entrances and even raised a Palestinian flag from a window at Hamilton Hall. This marked a significant escalation in what has been, up until now, a mostly peaceful protest.

Pro-Palestinian protests and encampments have spread throughout the country, with numerous college campuses joining the movement. The protests have resulted in over 1,000 arrests as demonstrators voice their support for Palestine.

Many student protesters are urging their schools to divest from Israel and advocate for a cease-fire. The protests condemn antisemitism and do not explicitly endorse Hamas in the ongoing conflict. However, a few isolated incidents have sparked controversy within the broader context of these protests.

Columbia University has taken action against a student protest leader who made controversial statements, including the claim that “Zionists don’t deserve to live.” In a video, the organizer, Khymani James, can be seen expressing gratitude for not resorting to violence against Zionists. However, James has since apologized for his remarks. As a result, the university has banned him from campus.

According to Blackburn, individuals who openly declare their affiliation with Hamas by stating, “I am Hamas,” should be taken seriously and treated accordingly. She suggests that such individuals should be added to the terrorist watch list and the no-fly list.

She emphasized the importance of taking action to prevent Jewish students from being put in harm’s way, stating, “You cannot sit by and just let this activity continue.”

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