Republican Brags on Fox News about Advancing Legislation Named After Trump to Prohibit Gag Orders

Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business Network recently conducted an interview with a Republican congressman who is advocating for the ban of gag orders in courtrooms. Gag orders have been a customary practice, restricting the information that can be shared during trials to prevent witness intimidation or any other actions that may influence the outcome.

Tennessee Congressman Andy Ogles, who was present at the Trump trial last week, is now introducing the ‘Let Trump Speak Act.’ This proposed legislation aims to prevent judges from imposing gag orders on defendants in criminal or civil proceedings, with a few exceptions. Joining me now is Congressman Andy Ogles, a member of the House Freedom Caucus and the House Financial Services Committee. Bartiromo started the conversation by asking him to share more details about the bill.

“Well, good morning. The purpose of this bill is to prohibit politically motivated gag orders and provide a right of action. According to Ogles, the bill has gained support from ten GOP House co-sponsors by the end of last week, allowing individuals like him to sue when their rights are being violated.”

Ogles emphasized that the trial is simply a political witch hunt, and it’s time for Trump to be acquitted and resume his campaign trail. He accused the opposition of trying to hinder Trump’s campaign by keeping him tied up in court. It is worth noting, however, that Trump’s level of campaigning has not decreased during the trial compared to before.

Maria Bartiromo inquired about the current stage of the trial, expressing curiosity about its progression towards closing arguments.

Ogles responded, expressing his belief in the fairness of the jury and their ability to evaluate the evidence.

You know, the defense did a great job of putting Cohen in a box, and clearly really disassembled his testimony and his credibility. So they really don’t have any other choice but to acquit. So cross your fingers. Hope that due process does what it’s supposed to do and that Trump is acquitted. Look, what’s at stake here is the future of the Republic. This trial is simply, hiccup. In that journey. We’re going to win the white House. We’re going to win the Senate, and we’re going to win the House of Representatives.

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